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Simple Trik For Encountering XAMPP or LAMPP Misconfigurating


one thing when it encountered an error about an error or mistake in the xampp / lampp / or apache, we do not analyze it chronologically. A very helpful tips on the first perhaps, do not panic, and look at the error message or error on display in the browser (of course the error message should be configured to appear), the second check whether associated with httpd.conf in the directory apache / conf or in the extra directory contains the file. conf another.
and tricks that are related to the php simple and very useful trick is to see the configuration of php to create a php file for example info.php to see kesejalanan of php with apache, by writing a simple script below:

<code> <? php
phpinfo ()
</ code>

look on line about 4 to 6, you will see where the php.ini is configured, the next thing that relates mysql and the other also you can see after seeing the error message mentioned earlier.


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