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[grosir_komputer] READY STOCK MEJA MAESTRO & VANESSA [1 Attachment]

[Attachment(s) from Msc Msc included below]  READY STOCK !!!
MAESTRO & VANESSA (Alltype Partikel 15mm)
NB ;
*Pricelist di attach.
*Menerima meja pesanan khusus u/ pengadaan. 
Silakan Hubungi Kami :

 USATECH       : 031-5048485  ym: usatech_sls, usatech_sls2

 INOVASI COMPUTER: 031-5355055/ 031-5322380  ym: master_inovasi, dwi_dwi33

 MODERN COMPUTER: 031-5037155/ 031-5036666 ym: modern.sls1,modern.sls2,modern.sls3

  MYTECH COMPUTER: 031-5310350/ 031-5310380 ym: mtc_marketing1, mtc_marketing2

  GREEN COMPUTER   : 031-5477050/ 031-5477066 ym: bm_greencom, greencom_sls1

  VISION TECHNOLOGY:0341- 410659/410661   ym: visiontech_sls1, visiontech_sls2

 AURORA COMPUTER : 0361-237118/ 7421071 ym: aurora_sls, aurora_sls2

  NASIONAL COMPUTER:024- 3581142 ym: nasional.sls, nasional.sls1

  UNITECH:0271- 739601 ym:unitech_sl

  INDONESIA COMPUTER:0411- 3653835 ym: bm_indo

  BIOTECH COMPUTER:0541- 220651/220380 ym: bm_bio, biotech_sls1

 VISTA COMPUTER: 0542-875125/ 875484 ym: bm_vista, vistabpp

 LION COMPUTER: 0511-3258232  ym: bm_lioncom, lioncom_sls1

 PRESIDEN COMPUTER: 021-6016986 ym: bm_pres, putri_prescom


Attachment(s) from Msc Msc

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