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Bandung is famous for its creativity. Any form of crativity is essentially here in Bandung.


Perhaps you are wondering who that last name mentioned?. Dodong Kodir is a music artist from Bandung which is paracticaly unique and creative. The uniqueness is from his musical instruments that he made from garbage or waste.

Dodong's creativity to make musical instruments from waste is begins with sense of concern to the environment. Because of his concern to the environment, then he poured it by recycling the garbage which is then used as musical instruments. Moreover, since he was a child he was interested in all forms of sounds. Athough he was schooled in engineering school, but his soul still thirsty for art. Equipment that should be practised to discipline his field of study of electro instead use to play sounds.His first ethnic musical instrument work was a large bamboo flute that made from damage bamboo stick that produces a different sound from the usually fluit.

There is many unique musical instruments made by Dodong, like Alpedo (Alat Petik Dodong/Dodong's Pick tool), Bellkuadalima, Chicken Drum, Jirame, Jumene, Whistledong (Whistle/Flute made by Dodong), Sekdong (Alat Musik Gesek buatan Dodong/String instrument made by Dodong), Sulangsong (Suling Asal Songsong/Flute from songsong), Basdong (Bas buatan Dodong/Bass made by Dodong) and many more.Musical instrument that Dodong made are produced the nuances sounds of nature. One of them is a piece of wood that fitted a car spring. If the wood is knocked down, it produce a faint rumble sound. If knock harder, the rumbling sound that came out also increasingly a loud sound too. The instrument that called Tornadong is created from a pumpkin-shaped fruit that used to drink a water from it and it makes a lightning sound. The bottom of the instrument is trimmed, then patched with a plate like a zinc. In the middle of the plate is mounted a small spring but long. When the gourd is shaken, the audible sound that cames out like lightning with a whisper of wind.

Beside Tornadong there is Alpedo (Alat Petik Dodong/Dodong's Pick Tool). Alpedo is a kind of stringed instrument that produced a sound like japanese guitar and Mexican guitar.

Beside the sound of nature Dodong's musical instrument also produced many kind of animal sounds, such as toads, lizards, chickens, million of flies flying, monkeys, elephants, tigers, etc. More than 100 musical instrument that Dodong made are create from used or second goods. Born in Manonjaya, Tasikmalaya on 8 Desember 1957, Dodong explain that the creative process began in the 1980s. He makes the instrument from used goods, starting from plastic, wood, bamboo, iron, rubber, until paralon.TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD

In 2002, Dodong with his partners S. Lawe N.H, Rudi 'Rodekz', Ruli Kustaman, Asep Tatooz and Ricky Biola established Lungsuran Daur Contemporary Instrument group. His music creation often collaborate with wayang shows, theater, visual arts, or dance. The result of his hardwork, creativity, and innovasion to make musical instrument from garbage and waste proved to be blessing for Dodong and his musical group. His homemade garbage musical instrument has been brought him and his group round to the various countries in the world. Starting from 1996 with Harry Dhim he followed an exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark. Then, still in the same year, he performed in a musical theater event of 3 countries, namely Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, in Japan.In 2005 he got an opportunity to visit the land of the gods (Greece), to perform in a wayang (puppets) festival. Then in 2006 he participated in the "100 years of Mozart's work" show that organized by UNESCO in Paris, France. His expert play a garbage musical instrument took him a stage with world-class ethnic musicians.

Then in 2008, he followed the wayang festival "The First International Marionette Festival" which took place in Vietnam. Still in the same year, then he traveled to Cyprus to follow the other wayang festival. In 2009 he set his foot in the matador country, Spain. This time he participated in a festival titled "Festival International de Titeres de Canaries" held in the city of Madrid.

His last trip abroad was when he visited Belgium in 2009. At that time he was came with groups, headed by Didi Petet. Besides introducing Indonesian culture such as Batik, the activity also aims to commemorate W. S. Rendra. In addition, they also seek disaster relief fund for the victims of the earthquake in West Sumatera.

Some of Dodong's garbage musical instrument has been stored in the well-known museum's overseas such as in Cyprus, Spain until Mexico. Actually Dodong also wanted to create a museum at Bandung to keep his works. Unfortunately, money is always be an obstacle. Currently, his musical instrument stored on his own home in Cisitu Lama, Bandung. "I want to make the museum contains of my works. So, it's not just paintings that can be stored in Museums, musical instrments can also be, " said Dodong.

Dodong's affection for ethnical music and his instrument is already ingrained. To the extent that Harry Roesli once said to him,

"Maneh mah geus kawin jeung runtah, tuluykeun Dong" (You're already married to trash, Continue Dong),"

Dodong Kodir probably not the only eccentric artist from Bandung or Indonesia. But his creation recycle waste into a musical instrument until they took him around the world deserve two thumbs up.DODONG KODIR BIOGRAPHY

Name : Dodong Kodir

Place / Date of Birth : Tasikmalaya / 8 Desember 1957

Education :

SD Merdeka V, Bandung

ST VI Padjadjaran, Bandung

Administration Education Course

Occupation : Musician in Dance Studio at Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia (Indonesian College of Arts), Bandung

Wife : Tutin Suwartini

Daughter :

Dewi Ratnaningpuri (kindergarten teacher and dancer)

Mira Tejamirah (barchelor of dance)

Diah Kusumaningrum (drumband coach)DODONG AND LUNGSURAN DAUR PERFORMANCEAre you interesting to follow his footsteps?


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