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Online dating scams

A person registers at an online dating service and creates a profile.  The profile will include information, and possibly a photograph, of the person along with a way for interested people to make contact.

The person invites you to check him or her out at a different website. This could still be a real profile, but it could also be an invitation to sign up to a porn site.

Some people have considered it a personal challenge to not let the scammer continue to affect their life in a negative way. They realise that the scammer probably does not give them a second thought, and has most likely scammed dozens or hundreds of others in similar ways. This can serve as a motivating force for them.  Their revenge on the scammer is their recovery.

First people that are pretending to be interesting in your dating profile can scam you online. You should be aware of anyone that wants to meet immediately because it should take a few weeks of online chat and phone calls before meeting another person is even thought about.

  Communicating with people from other towns, states and countries will introduce you to an exciting new world but one in which things can easily be lost in translation. It's important to be aware of cultural, religious and political differences and sensitivities. Be cautious when discussing things you've heard about someone else's country or national character; stereotypes often cause offense and even distress.

If the other person  is  sharing information about themselves, be aware if details  in their stories change. Did they call you by the wrong name, or suddenly refer to themselves by a different name?  Often scammers are operating under multiple false aliases and are using a script to communicate with people, so they can inadvertently use the wrong names and details when communicating with you.  If they do make such mistakes, the scammers  will quickly come up with a story to explain the inconsistencies. But such errors should certainly be a warning flag.

Be wary if the person claims to be a citizen of your country but cannot answer simple questions you ask about the area, customs or suchlike.  They may state they have to use the bathroom or attend to another call, in order to give themselves time to look up the answers to your questions online.  Be wary if they do not appear to have local knowledge.

NEVER agree if the person asks you to use your own bank account to   process cheques or electronic money transfers for what ever reason. This may well be an attempt to launder the proceeds of crime. Any such request should be taken as a red flag.


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